Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Hi Strangers

Ok, yes, I know, its been a long time. Its a shoddy state of affairs and I feel suitably ashamed. Although I do have an excuse. I've been working my ample bottom off. Not literally (unfortunately), I've just been doing a lot of work for friends and relatives and some freelance jobs too that have left little time to share the fruits of my labour with you lot.

The most time consuming of these not-so-little jobs was a present for my Mum, who turned 60 years young on Friday 25th April. I had an idea to write a kids book about her life that she could read to her grandkids (who she completely adores of course). My Dad's pet name for my Mum is 'Maggie Anne', so I got the idea for a title first and the story stemmed from there.

So 'Maggie Anne's Magic Hats' was born. My mum's life story is told through all the hats she's worn in her time; a metaphor for all the roles she's fulfilled - Daughter, Friend, Wife, Mother, Boss etc. The punchline being that its not the hats that are magic at all, but Maggie Anne.

I illustrated the book too (obviously), taking my cues from 60s-era retro animation (like Bewitched titles), and the fact that as a kid, whenever I drew my Mum I drew her curly hair first. So that had to be a big feature. I hope she didn't take offence. She's been battling her curls all her life.

So Happy Birthday to my totally Magic Mum. You were worth every second.

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