Wednesday, 6 February 2008

An Enchanted, Brazen Christmas

OK so this post is a little late - apologies. Ms Raffel of the illustrious Brazen studios asked me to do her some lovely stuff for her Christmas window. We bandied some ideas about and settled on the theme of an enchanted forest - where bewitched trinkets hang off every branch.

Having just had the interior and exterior of the shop repainted in a boudoir-esque rubine red and cream combo, we decided to use this colour scheme, and I set about creating some suitably enchanted looking flora and fauna with which to bedeck the shop window and the interior windows into the workshops.

Ms Brazen also required a device to announce the fact that her wee shop has been named 'Most Stylish Boutique 2007' at the Scottish Style Awards; all that even without the new paint job.

Well deserved.

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