Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Wedding Bells

In a bid to prove to the world that I don't care that they're all getting married and I am going to be an old maid, I've also done a wedding invitation recently for my friend/colleague Keli and her man William. They tied the knot last week in a very low-key but stylish ceremony at the Ubiquitous Chip.

We agreed on a lovely palette of reds and beige as red was to be a highlight colour for the tables and the couple's outfits. We didn't wanna go full on Valentine's red though, so the dark burgundies and beige helped tone it down a bit. The typography was created by halftoning a photoshop file with lines instead of squares/dots, then live-tracing to get the stripy effect that allowed me to slot Keli and William together with an ampersand. A wee tying the knot metaphor that hopefully erred on the right side of cheesy.

The bride looked beautiful and the groom looked handsome but their invites and place settings looked EVEN BETTER SO THERE.

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