Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Vitamins & Minerals

Another day spent googling random words (and occasionally obscenities).

Today's foray into the unknown unearthed Now, I've always been of the opinion that the sort of people who are into crystals are also the sort who believe in unicorns, wear a lot of tie-dye and are completely unfamiliar with the wonders of frizz-ease. I also know that the reason the makers of this site called it 'excalibur minerals' was because their products have all been pulled from the stone, blah blah, but I'm also pretty sure its cause they're members of one of those historical re-enactment societies that spend their Sunday afternoons wearing armour and shouting things like 'forsooth!' and 'Have at ye!' and taking it all very seriously indeed.

HOWever... their products are nevertheless really rather pretty, so have a squiff at the photo gallery.

Its also kinda interesting to read where all these crystals have come from. Their countries of origin read like a 'where I've been' list written by Indiana Jones; Showa Province, Ethiopia; Huanaco, Peru; Llallagua, Bolivia (colonised by the Welsh, clearly); Shaba Province, Zaire; Graubunden, Switzerland. All let down somewhat by the names of the minerals themselves which I think they're just making up as they go along, or have nicked from the names of baddies in Star Trek (which you KNOW they watch too. Oh yes.).

I mean Labradorite. Honestly.

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