Monday, 13 August 2007

No, SHEET music.

I am constantly amazed at the sort of stuff you can access on the internet. There are all these databases and resources that are completely free to access, and contain thousands of hi-res images and scans available for download. Most of them are academic or publicly funded institutions opening their archives to the public.

One such institution is Duke University. Situated in North Carolina, Duke Uni has a rare book and manuscript library that they have spent hundreds of man hours scanning in to create a vast digitized collection of books, manuscripts, advertising ephemera, writings, photos and sheet music.

I'm a big fan of old sheet music. Last year, when I couldn't afford to go on holiday, I took a week off and just 'did' Glasgow. I spent a day wandering the west end and came across a second hand bookshop tucked away somewhere behind Otago Street. They had a huge collection of ancient sheet music dating back to the 19th century. I bagged a couple of completely gorgeous examples for less than a tenner each and now have them framed in my flat.

If you fancy some for yourself, Duke Uni has dozens of similar examples at fairly high res (About A4 150dpi) available to download, but it ain't the same as having the original, oh no.

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