Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Carrie Chau, carrie chau, wherefore art thou?

I came across illustrator Carrie Chau when i was on holiday in New Zealand earlier this year. I was having a wander up High Street (parallel to Queen St) and found this mall of great little boutiques and vintage shops. One of them had a whole bunch of Carrie Chau products - bloody great hessian bags, postcards, dolls, matchboxes, badges and prints. It was right at the start of my hols and I didn't want to blow all my spending money at once but now I'm kicking myself that I didn't buy any. Because I can't find her work now for love nor money. A google search fails to find her, bar a few random mentions on other people's sites. I actually eventually found her real website through a pdf online magazine called Jolipunk (lovely pics, shame about the writing) that had a short article on her and finally gave me her website [link].

Aside from being the most uselessly-titled website IN THE KNOWN UNIVERSE, and the fact that she proudly states on the splash page that she made it with her own fair hands and it requires no plug-ins to view, its AWFUL to navigate and really doesn't showcase her marvellous work to its full potential.

Now Carrie - I realise you may be the lo-tech, old-school, get-your-hands-dirty sort but hire some web-genius whizz kid will you? This simply will not do.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lele, fiy, Carrie's works are available in a shop called "Homeless" in Hong Kong. One of her website

LayLadyLele said...

Dude! I'm on the next flight...