Thursday, 18 August 2011


It would appear I have gone and agreed to take part in an event organised by She Says Scotland. Which involves me standing up and talking. In front of potentially quite a lot of people I don't know. And attempting to sound like a grown up and a professional who knows what they're talking about.

Ah crap.

Oh well.

The event asks the question 'Where do good ideas come from?' and myself and a number of other ladies in the creative industry up here will be attempting to answer that with reference to our own personal experiences/disciplines.

Helpfully, I gave a talk recently within Frame that was sooorta in the same territory. So some recycling may occur. Although I am going to add in a couple more slides that relate to stuff that stuck with me after reading Steven Johnson's marvellous "Where do good ideas come from?' (that I also helpfully read not so long ago).

Pray for me. Or at least keep me away from the bar until after I'm done speaking.

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