Monday, 8 August 2011

RBS, Edinburgh Airport

So NOW you see why I've been so quiet. Two major campaigns going live in the space of two weeks. Oooft. This was was another belter though. We were asked by RBS Group to produce a new campaign to populate Edinburgh Airport with. They have a great deal of media space there and wanted to use it to talk about The Group, their heritage, and their powerful connection to Scotland.

We produced the 'This is Home' campaign. The work was designed to illustrate that RBS Group, having been based in Edinburgh since their inception in 1727, know Edinburgh as well as anyone, all its little foibles and idiosyncrasies and adorable faults, all its nooks and crannies. They call it home.

The photography was meant to feel like an Edinburgh resident's own snaps of their home city, while avoiding the usual picture-postcard cliches. So naturally I turned to the best photographer I know. The awesome Miss Jane Stockdale. Who pinballed wildly around edinburgh from dawn to dusk on the longest days of the year, taking snaps of the city she too once called home. And the results were bloody fabulous. Natch.

The campaign went live last weekend. I reckon I might just have to jump on a flight somewhere so I can go check it out. In the meantime, if you're jetting off anywhere nice - have a look and tell me what you think.


Anonymous said...

Amazing! Loved the image at Edinburgh airport so much I had to try and find it online (was so difficult to photograph) and that's how I ended up here! Beautiful stuff!

Marie said...

Very nice illustration work. The picture are so beautiful and the colors are amazing.

Adam Fowler said...

I have only just found this blog entry almost a year after the Salisbury Crags poster has been taken down. Just to set the record straight I took that photo, not Jane Stockdale.

Marie said...

This is very enticing. The idea of homey pictures could really attract tourists. It makes me want to travel to Edinburgh. The refreshing pictures really are a good idea on marketing the airport. Good job.

Lady Lele said...

Hey Adam, you are absolutely correct. Apologies for not also crediting you. Jane took the bulk of the shots for the campaign, but one or two were by people we discovered through Flickr, like yourself. No offence intended.

Megan said...

I'm writing a post about finally returning home to Scotland after a LOT of travel. I needed a picture and the first thing I thought of was this poster at Edinburgh Airport, which almost made me burst into tears as I came out of the terminal. Fantastic work.

Is the name and a link back to your blog enough?