Thursday, 7 January 2010

Fighting Cancer with Music

In a bid to make myself feel slightly less mince for working as a dirty advertiser, it is necessary to do the odd charidee gig. This one was for a mate of a mate. She founded Fighting Cancer with Music; and is looking to hold regular fundraising gigs in and around her hometown of Austin, Texas, and hopefully featuring at this year's South by South West music festival. My mate was building her website and asked very nicely if I would have a stab at a logo. While a genius at code Mr Coco is not so hot at the illustration side of things; he did, however, come up with the pretty awesome idea of creating a treble clef out of the cancer-awareness ribbon. So basically I was scribbler-for-hire on this one. But he loved it and she loved it so I feel I have banked a few more karma points. Ah. I'm off to run over grannies now.

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