Wednesday, 13 January 2010

When I'm 64

Ok so I have been reassured by my client in this instance that the chances of his Dad stumbling across my blog are pretty close to zero, so I have his permission to post this before the big day. The lovely Matt Stalker had the awesome idea of recording a Matt Stalker & Fables cover of the Beatles' 'When I'm 64' for his Dad's 64th birthday this Friday. Apparently his Dad had loved the poster I'd done for Mickelmas and Matt asked me to do a simple CD card in the same style for the recording.

Pa Stalker is a bit of a pedant by all accounts, and Matt wanted to work this into the design somehow. So we had Dad partying on the front and correcting spelling, grammar and punctuation on the back.

Can't wait for the big reveal this Friday! Happy 64th Birthday Papa Stalker! Ain't you lucky to have such talented thoughtful sons? :)

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