Wednesday, 6 February 2008


Club Noir, not content with selling out their existing club at the Carling Academy, have decided to launch a spin-off club in the much smaller and low-key venue of the Winchester club on Bell Street. The idea is that this club will be the notional 'after party' or Backstage of the main club. The performers will be present; but mingling, rather than performing. The whole affair will be much more laidback and about seeing and being seen, rather than a major club night.

Bearing that in mind, the Noir troupe tasked me with designing the new branding for the spin-off club (called Backstage just in case you hadn't already figured that out) and a new flyer. We talked about a photographic route to contrast our now traditional illustrative style for the main club, and this was the result. The brand is the photo effectively - a comp of several shots, treated to look like a spot-lit, dark alley and 'signed' in white by the people who brought you Club Noir (as though they are the stars you waited hours to see at the stage door). You feel like you have to know someone who knows someone who knows the password to get into this place, and even then you'd better have the right threads on or you've no chance.

A speak-easy, a secret hide-out, a den of iniquity.

Dontcha want in?

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