Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Lions and Tigers and Pears

OK so I've been wanting to have a stab at hand lettering for a while - sketching out a typographic layout in pencil, inking it the old fashioned way, then scanning and tracing in illustrator, tweaking, filling, outlining etc etc and generally messing with it. I've been studying all my sheet music you see and all of that has been hand lettered and looks yum, so thought I'd give the old calligraphic skills an outing.

Anyway - I got the opportunity to try out the technique recently and this was the result. Its a bit rough still and I'd like to spend a few hours working on getting the type and the image interacting better. Maybe more foliage/tendrils and tings, and a bit more texture. Actually, looking at it now the top of the B looks a bit heavy. Hmmm. More practise required methinks.

I dunno. What do you reckon?

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andy tomlinson said...

nice, very nice, hand drawn, nice, i believe its nice....