Monday, 30 July 2007

The devil gets all the best songs

Every now and then I watch a film that leaves me itching to draw. Like, spend an afternoon with all my crayons and shit out and some weird music on and just draw like there's nothing in my head and all I am is a pair of eyes and ears and hands. The last film that made me feel like that was Great Expectations (mediocre 1998 rehash with Gwyneth and Ethan Hawke, but featuring the fucking amazing artwork of Francesco Clemente). Now I've gone and watched The Devil and Daniel Johnston rather late in the day and I'm thinking about staying up way past my bedtime to do exactly that.

The man is loopy, but when the loopiness or the anti-loopy drugs aren't getting in the way, he is pure, unadulterated, genius. Lovely.

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derm said...

nice work girl.