Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Tis the season to get married... lalalalalalaaaaa

My beautiful bessie mate Carly got married last week to the very cool Rizqy. They met out in Indonesia, where they both live now, but got married on Carly's home island of Arran. It was a beautiful, laidback sort of affair that suited them both very well. A few of the old ECA-Team made it to the ceremony and the after-party (music provided by Carly's very musical family), and I'm pleased to report we didn't let the side down. There was champagne, there was air guitar, there was knee-sliding. In short, we rocked. Carly rocked. Rizqy, you rock too.

Carly's stepdad and Uncle are both photographers and their shots can be found here, my shoddy efforts are here. Ain't they gorgeous?

Aw. Why do all my favourite folks live so damn FAR AWAY?

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