Thursday, 11 December 2008

Gold Rush

Brazen's Christmas theme was a tricky one this year; because the good lady, in a fit of credit crunch-induced frugality, wanted the theme to extend well into the new year. So it couldn't be 'too Christmassy'. Riiight.

Other key pointers in the (actually excellent) brief were: Art Deco, Jazz, Hollywood, 1930s, Lalique etc. With the help of the lovely Lynn McHattie the name 'Gold Rush' was decided, and I set about creating a central identity, illustrations for web and print, window vinyls and bag stuffers (for to stuff bags with). The central identity took pride of place on the lovely gold-foil blocked bag stuffer: an art-deco stylised bullet hole links back to Brazen's original 'diamond and guns' branding, but also looks just snowflakey enough to be christmassy. The photo really doesn't do it justice (I'm a shit photographer) - and I'm so glad my lovely mate and favourite client chose to splash out on the gold foil on this one. It looks sexy as f*ck.

Some equally sexy illustrations will be rotated on Brazen's brand new online shop in the new year, and in the meantime one of them is appearing as a window vinyl in the shopfront. (Pics to follow once I get myself a decent camera).

Brazen and I were so pleased with ourselves after installing the window vinyl last Sunday that we simply had to celebrate by getting trollied and 'high-chebsing'. I can't attach a photo of that but trust me it was funny.

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