Sunday, 6 July 2008

Knew that would come in handy...

See? Even if a job doesn't work out, you usually find that in the process you have discovered a new style or technique that can be recycled in another job. No work is a waste of time in that respect. So even though the Smart car thing didn't work out, developing that style of illustration meant that I saved time when it came to doing this job for a very good friend of mine.

A mate of hers is getting married (seems to be all the rage) and she commissioned me to do her a series of illustrations as her wedding gift. This is the first. They are all of a theme; that this friend of hers is always throwing herself into whatever she does. At men, at the bar, out of planes, etc.

Time pressures meant that I couldn't do my post-production photoshop texture bit, as in the Smart car job, but she was very very happy with the result and toddled off to get it framed.

Style-recycling. Its the new plagiarism.

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