Sunday, 6 July 2008

I have the best friends

It was my birthday this weekend, and aside from receiving lots of lovely messages on my facebook page, I also met up with two of my very favourite people and did lunch and cocktails and cava and dancing in not-so-sunny Edinburgh, and received the most wonderful gifts.

I'm always a bit surprised when people get me birthday presents. Its genuinely a part of the birthday process that I forget about, looking forward instead to having a boozy giggle in a pub somewhere. However, when you have friends as thoughtful as mine who know me so well, the gifts they give are really really touching and I completely adore them all.

My mate Lizzie found this completely glorious vanity set - something I've been idly looking for for years and never found one in quite the right colour/condition to merit buying. She found the most perfect one possible in an antiques shop in Peebles and delivered it up to me as a 29th birthday present. I nearly cried.

My other bessie mate Viv gave me a whole series of beautifully wrapped little trinkets. Not least of which was this stunning pillbox she found in a flea market in Spain. This photo really doesn't do it justice, and my shots of the other two completely gorgeous tins she got me (of paprika and violet lipbalm) are equally shoddy so you shall just have to trust me that they are gooorgeous. She also got me a lovely little purple babushka Russian doll who now lives on my mantlepiece.

Yet another bessie mate Sarah, who lives in New Zealand :-(, sent me a bloody brilliant button eyed rag doll who I have named Vern, which she bought while on a shoot in Singapore and who is going to come live on my desk at work. She knows I love crazy little characters, and florals and teal/turquoise so Vern is my new favourite mascot.

I'm a lucky lucky bugger.

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Sandbagman said...

what about your best friend who couldn't be there but leant you his flat... ha