Monday, 4 June 2012

Bon Voyage Viv

Another wonderful person is heading off into the sunset. This time it's the sparkly Lady Viv. A big group of her gal pals chipped in and bought her the most beautiful vintage Gramophone, which she adores, and I made her this wee thing just from me. I bought a simple vintage suitcase off ebay and some new white Markal paintmarkers, and drew this partial quote from Mark Twain onto the front of it. The quote came from Viv's 'inspiration' pinterest board and I thought it was pretty appropriate. I sketched the quote first, blew it up on the photocopier, and then transferred it to the surface of the case.

My girl flies off on the 12th June. I'll be seeing her off at the airport along with a lot of other ladies who are lucky enough to be her mate. Sad times. But SO excited for her.

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