Sunday, 20 March 2011

Good, good times.

I also forgot to mention I'm not long back from my hols. Don't worry there shall be no mega-posts along the lines of my Indo diaries (I did keep a wee diary while I was away, but I just can't be arsed transcribing it here - erm, sorry). The whole impetus to go on said jaunt was primarily to be a bridesmaid to my bessie mate Sarah, who moved to New Zealand about five years ago and never returned. I can't blame her though. New Zealand is a truly, truly beautiful and completely awesome country and she has bagged herself a wonderful kiwi man called Otis. Otis is a bloody talented artist himself and besides doing breathtaking spraypaint murals, he also makes and 'tags' Sarah's sandwiches every morn. Ah. Its definitely love.

Anyway - the wedding and subsequent recovery BBQ amounted to the single best wedding I've ever been too; in fact probably one of the best social gatherings I've ever been to, full stop. My girl looked like a film star. The other bridesmaids (and there were many!) were a cracking bunch of ladies too. Much wine was drunk, many speeches spunk, many moves were busted, and many many songs sung. Including one made up on the spot by the soon-to-be-famous Matt Stalker, inspired by my good pissed self going for a twirl in the rain around about midnight. Which thankfully somebody recorded and Mr Matt posted on soundcloud so that we might relive that night ad infinitum. I felt so lucky to have been there. Le sigh.

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sarah.frizzell said...

Oh baby - i miss you! So much to catch up on...ahhh. I like Le sigh. I have taken to using it too...

Mwah xxx