Friday, 21 May 2010

It's Aliiiiive!

Wheeee very excited! The project I did the icons for in my previous post has gone LIVE! Its an online learning resource to accompany a travelling exhibition of the Lewis Chessmen - chess pieces carved in the 12th/13th century in Scandinavia and discovered on the Isle of Lewis in the mid-1800s. School children up and down the country will be learning about the chessmen as part of their curriculum, and the National Museums of Scotland tasked Frame Digital with producing the online resource. You can experience it yourself here. I particularly love the preloader and the trading game. Whoop! What a team. :)

PS just realised I didn't make clear - I designed the rest of the bloody interface too - not just the icons. Must. Buy. Bigger. Trumpet.

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Mike said...

I love this! But then I would. Thank you and I owe you lunch (I have not forgotten). I will come in person.
Mike Marlin