Sunday, 26 October 2008

Before they were famous Part II

My good friend and mega-talented chappy Mr Matt Stalker is currently a very happy mega-talented chappy, as his band, Matt Stalker and Fables, have just got themselves the gig of their lives. (So far, anyway - it'll be Wembley next you mark my words).

They will be playing the amazing looking Sage Gateshead on the 28th November, supporting Scottish folksters Frightened Rabbit. And Matt is so excited he using lots and lots of capitals and exclamation marks and stuff. Bless him.

I can't tell you how much these guys deserve this gig; I'm thinking its the start of something beautiful for them. Check out the band's myspace here. Warning: screaming fandom will ensue.

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Matt Stalker said...

It's very flattering to be blogged. Thanks for the bigging up, Lele! MS&F x