Monday, 17 December 2007

One night in Paris (not THAT Paris)

Well here you go: a sneak preview of Club Noir's Valentine's flyer/poster. My lovely Noir clients have agreed to make this 60x40 full colour too and I can't wait to see it in all its gigantic technicolour glory. Now, before you start I KNOW that this poster looks like Alexandre Theophile Steinlen's 'Le Chat Noir' poster. Its DELIBERATE. Chat Noir=Club Noir. You see? I just made the lovely Noir girl into a feline temptress et voila! Referential city!

Incidentally I was rather pleased with myself at drawing the girl off the top of my head. Bit of a first for me, as I usually need to work from photos/life - but might have something to do with all the life drawing classes I'm doing at the mo, pretty good practice. I'm a frustrated comic book artist at heart, you see.

Anyway. Flyers will be in all good goth shops in the New Year, and the 60x40 will be plastered all over Glasgow in late January. Camera phones a-gogo!

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