Monday, 5 November 2007

Scandinavian Ceramics

Now, as those of you familiar with the inside of my kitchen cabinets will know, I am a proud (read: sad) collector of patterned ceramics from the post-war period (up to the 70s). Sourced from flea markets, car boot sales, the Barras and good ol' ebay, my collection mostly consists of American, Eastern European and British pieces and ranges from complete coffee sets to one-off tea pots and pin dishes.

However, in recent months I've become a bit more picky about the bits that I buy, and even ebay no longer seems to be able to provide the interesting or unusual stuff. So I suppose I have this rather excellent blog to thank for giving me a few new names/potteries to look out for. Check out the link 'vintage ceramics' and have a look at all the absolutely gorgeous patterned ceramics from Sweden, Denmark and Finland. For some reason these ceramics are hugely popular in Japan, and this website seems to have snapped up all the good stuff already - which may make it harder to find cheaper bits on the likes of ebay. But I do like a challenge.

Hello Mr Easyjet? One flight to Helsinki please.

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Apemail said...

similar stuff. Mr. Pablo x

ps you wanna do some illustrations for me?