Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Pastures new

Sorry - I sort of disappeared for a while there didn't I? Apologies for that. I have, however, been rather distracted and busy. You see, I am leaving the only agency I have ever worked for, my workplace for the past four years, and heading off to join a shiny new one. All the cloak and daggery associated with a job switch has been eating up my time, which meant no posts for you good people.

I hope you've missed me. I promise I'll never go away again.


Robert said...

Where are you going?, when did you hand in your notice? are you going to copy everything I do?

email me.


LayLadyLele said...

Well I would if you'd give me YOUR NEW EMAIL ADDRESS!!! I only have your old one at the Partners. You got one for Together yet?

E xx